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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bad Habits or Habits Gone Bad?

When do bad habits become habits gone bad? Well....It's a bad habit to want fight every time you get angry but to actually fight every time you get angry is definitely a bad habit gone bad! Somehow Inga D. Marchand, commonly referred to as "Foxy Brown" the rapper, has officially reached the level of having bad habits that have gone baddddd. She is what some would call.....violent! Whoa! Ouch! By no means am I bashing one of our great 'back in the day' female rappers who rocked the mic and kept us flowing to the beat with her record "I'll Be" (featuring Jay-Z) but the facts are the facts. Let's jump in to some of the madness...In 1997 Brown spits on two hotel workers in Raleigh, North Carolina; In 1999 Brown was escorted off the stage by police at a concert in Trindad for using obscene language; In 2002 Brown faced the threat of arrest following an altercation at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica; In 2004 Brown attacked two manicurists in Chelsea, Manhattan; In 2005 female rapper, Jacki-O, alleged that she and Brown got into a physical altercation at a recording studio in Miami, Florida; In 2007 Brown plead not guilty to assaulting a beauty supply store employee and in another incident that same year, hitting her neighbor with a Blackberry phone; Also in 2007, while in prison, Brown was given 76 days in solitary confinement due to a physical altercation that took place with another prisoner thus finally being released from prison in 2008. Now the latest is that she and her favorite neighbor, who has a protective order against Brown, got into a verbal confrontation again and off to jail Brown goes.  Whew! I'm running our of ink....
Anger promoted violence is serious for anyone and certainly should not be ignored. I think anger management is part of the solution for Inga so that we can enjoy Foxy Brown again. 
For further information on anger management see: 

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