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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Double Planning

They say that without plans, you're sure to fail at accomplishing a goal, a task or a dream. Surely you need a map to your destination. There's definitely nothing wrong with looking at the blueprints of other's paths of success. But make a plan. So I did that. I made plans within my mind. I dreamed big. I fantasize about being greater and in a greater place. I made plans with my lips. I did the research to look at the plans and successes of others. I wrote down some ideas, some goals, some points to ponder. I finally made plans. Then I prayed and God spoke and said that he made plans too. Really? His plans were enormous for me; I didn't have enough comprehension nor enough paper to record what he planned just for me. Not just to prosper me and bless me but to keep me blazing with the glow of his spirit. That spirit that gives me all the favor to accomplish the plans God have and the plans I think I have. My pea-size plans that seemed big are no match for the amazing plans of a wonderful God whom the wind and sea obeys. I never realized that double planning for my life was the reality. And so I must say...I love double planning.

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