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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Precious Stones

What is a true friend? Are you that “true friend” material? Does the definition of what a true friend is, resemble something valuable and long lasting? True Friends are like diamonds. Authentic, long-lasting and real; valuable and they must be treasured. True friends are precious stones. There are many people who come into our lives that may not become our true friend, but more of an acquaintance or an enemy. Everybody you know is not designed to hold the role of being a true friend to you. Some of the people we know can take on the role of being a fake friend to us.

In order to really appreciate and identify a true friend, you need to know what a fake friend looks like. Know the differences and the similarities. Fake friends can appear to be a real friend and they can resemble the description of a real friend, but time and the wear-n-tear of life, proves who’s real and who’s fake. Real friends tell you the truth; fake friends tell you what you want to hear. Even in the moments that a fake friend decides to tell you the truth, they are only doing it with the hopes of seeing you hurt by the truth they are dishing out at you. A real friend wants you to know the truth in order to help you. It is the same way with real diamonds verses the fake man-made mineral that look like diamonds, as such….the cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia looks like a diamond and it can take on the many shapes of a diamond; both minerals offer the bling-bling and both can serve the same purpose, but only one is considered the hardest natural mineral in the world.  The diamond.

One of the major undeniable differences between a diamond and a cubic zirconia is that a diamond is REAL. And one of the major differences between a real friend and a fake friend is that a true friend is REAL. What they feel in their heart is real. Within the heart of a true friend, there is the existence of “well-being love”. True Friends love you with a “well-being love”. They want your well-being. They want you to do well and achieve greater. The bible tells us that there is a friend who will stick closer than a brother. (Prov. 18:24b) True friends are an extension of God’s love for you. Just as diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, so do our true friends. Diamonds are expensive and worth their cost just as true friends are priceless and worth the cost. Diamonds can endure the test of time just as true friends can. Diamonds are keepers, true friends are keepers. Diamonds are strong, true friends help us to be strong. Diamonds are beautiful, true friendship is beautiful. Society places a great deal of value on a diamond and diamonds carry the hefty price of their value. So it is the same with True Friends. True friends are diamonds, the precious stones we should cherish and value and take care of, once we acquire them.  ~Leen

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