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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where to Begin.....After Procrastinating So Long!

Sometimes to reach a goal or a destination in life, it requires action, time and some drive. We need drive to push our actions through a journey that takes time to complete. Although there are many factors that can slow us down or stop us from moving forward, we must realize that we should not be the one to stand in our own way. Sure, there are things such as a lack of money and not having a plan, that can hinder you; or even not having the right people in your corner can hinder you; But one of the most misunderstood hindrances is the one that comes from within yourself.....and that is commonly referred to as Procrastination!! It does not matter what resources you have access to or who is supporting you or the plan you have devised, it is all meaningless if you do not do anything with what you have. Doing nothing produces nothing. Going nowhere leads you to where you never started. Putting off today for tomorrow keeps you stuck in the elevator on the first floor...."YOU'RE ON THE ELEVATOR, GO SOMEWHERE! Stop Procrastinating!

The advertising slogan for Nike (sportswear) is "Just Do It"! Try is a way to always remind yourself to NOT procrastinate. Get a pair of Nike shoes and use one of them as your purse or wallet. Put your keys, money and your ID into the shoe and carry the shoe around. Tell yourself, "Just Do It". Stop procrastinating on what you need to do and "Just Do It". Much like the shoe, if you don't take what you have and use it to its full capacity, then you can expect that you will go to waste. When you start to do what you need to do to reach your goals and destinations, you can stop carrying the shoe around, otherwise keep carrying the shoe around and keep telling yourself the slogan, "Just Do It". Don't allow yourself to be comfortable doing nothing towards reaching your full potential.

Where should you begin? Begin with yourself. You! Get your mind made up to stop procrastinating and to stop standing in your own way. A mind made up is worth millions. Stick with your choice to move forward and take the first step of your journey. Getting you mind grounded for the journey is the first step. Remind yourself or re-evaluate your goals and where you would like to be. Start with any constructive effort that is a part of helping yourself to succeed. Track your efforts with dates and descriptions in order to measure the flow of action that is being put into reaching your targets. Keep going. Jump over your hurdles and keep going forward. Get up and try again. Take a different route. Try a different approach. Be selective about who you get advice from. Believe the best. Don't be idle. Stop procrastinating or you'll look up one day and sadly realize that you chose to keep your dreams as just dreams. ~Leen

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