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Sunday, August 3, 2014

What I know for sure...."the race is not given to the swift....but to the one who endures". The race, the journey I'm on has many twists and turns; some highs and lows; sometimes my journey is a well lit path and other times my way seem so dim. I meet an assortment of interesting people along the way; some are nice and some of mean and some make me laugh. I want to arrive. I want to be successful according to my potential. I can try to get ahead of my time but I can never catch up to it. If I slow down, the arrival time is not impacted. God knows my beginning and my ending. My pace doesn't determine what God has in store for me. Just when I think I am running out of time, I find that I am on time because nothing caught the Master off guard. He's always guiding me along my path even when it doesn't seem like he is there. I just needed to get it in my head that my victory as I travel in my journey doesn't lie in how fast I arrived at life's many moments; but could I endure? Could I endure the life-moments when they arrived? Could I endure the journey before I reached my goal. Could I endure the pain, the heartache and disappointments. Could I endure the top of the mountain moments and stay level-headed? Could I endure what was in store? Could I endure? 

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