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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Begin Again

How many times is too much? How many restarts can we elect to do? And when is enough, enough; when it comes to beginning again? The optimistics may say that a "do over" and to "begin again" is never worn out. The pessimists may say that a twice-start is more than enough. But what does your heart say about the art of beginning again? And why is it an art? The art of something is the beauty of it; the core essence of what makes it admirable. So their is beauty in beginning again and when a person is utilizing the courage that it takes to start again, that is admirable. So there is an art in beginning again and that journey is best led by your heart.

 I am a firm believer of heart journeys. Those are the journeys where you choose to follow your heart; allowing yourself to be heart-led. Many great doctors, famous inventors, actors and high achievers in business and unsung mothers, have made a mark in society and have shaped the world. What did they all have in common? They followed their heart. Something on the inside of them said to go further and they listened. Were they afraid? Yes, I'm sure they had some fears and definitely some doubts. But the voice of their heart was heard and so therefore, how can you ignore what is tugging on you from inside? What would they loose by beginning a journey. And if they had to begin again with the same journey, what would it hurt? The only loss is in not ever knowing where the journey would have taken you, simply because you failed to follow your heart. Now regret is the thing that hurts you because you chose not to listen to your heart.

 By no means, does this mean to lead yourself into a situation that will bring harm to you or bring consequential harm to others. Be careful of what source you choose to follow. You can follow your mind, you can follow your heart, you can follow what others tell you to do. But what matters the most in order to reach the desired destinations of your heart, is whether you followed your heart. The mind sometimes thinks too much. Every single detail and every step-by-step turn, can't always be laid out before we can get started or begin again. A plan is great, but how much information becomes too much just to get you to hit your start button. Sometimes you can reason within your mind about something and before you know it, you end up choosing to do nothing or you end up choosing to just stay right where you are. Some have sadly stayed in a dead-end job, simply because it was familiar.

 Get started or begin again. Follow your heart. There is no harm in following your heart. The only tragedy is in ignoring your heart and allowing fears and doubts to dictate whether you go on a heart-led journey to your success. Success already belongs to you, you need to go forward in order to get there.  ~Leen.

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