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Friday, September 11, 2015


Running around the neighborhood as a child playing hide-n-seek was a welcomed game. It was fun trying to figure out where someone was hiding and how fast can I get to that person to catch them. If you took too long to find someone, that usually meant that you weren't very good at the game but it also meant that the other person hiding, was very good at the game. Although, the object of the game was to catch someone who was hiding, as quickly as possible, that game feels so different in "real life". Playing hide-n-seek with finding love, is not a game and I'm not enjoying this search.

Where is love? Why is it hiding from me, and so carefully? Am I just not that good at finding love? Let's talk about it....We all want love. We all want to love someone and to be loved in return. It's a human fundamental need. With love comes so many great and wonderful things and of course, some hurtful things come along as well. I often felt that with all the people on this earth, it should not be that hard to find love. However, that quest is so particular and such a tailor-made experience that it makes the search quite difficult. More like trying to find the needle in the haystack. You know it's around, you know what it looks like, but getting to it is so tedious. So I guess I should think it through as to how to find love or at least be in position for love to find me. I started with myself. Work on me. One of the biggest assets I feel that a person should offer is a healthy mindset. So many people's mindset and level of expectations are not healthy or may be out of proportion as it relates to what they themselves have to offer or what they want from another person. In having a healthy mindset, am I willing to see love as a team effort....A commitment and support system that seeks to meet the needs of all team members? In managing expectations, will I recognize that what I can do and offer is what I can do and offer. What the other person can do and offer is what they can do and offer. How do we make both collaborations work so that both persons are fulfilled and happy? Hmmm....Having that healthy mindset trickles down to other areas from finances to sex to love to respect. So I'm definitely into working on me so that when that special someone arrives, whether I find them or they find me....then I am better prepared for the long happy ride of life as I travel with that special someone.

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