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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mannequin Mindset

Ever heard the term, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? Seems like that term was always used to describe something that was not so attractive. Yes, it is true that one person can find something beautiful while another person could find that same something not so beautiful. Each person's eyes and their way of seeing things can vary. When it comes to how you see yourself, you get the final vote on whether you are considered as being beautiful. Your definition of beautiful for yourself exceeds any person's definition of beautiful for yourself. Fashion magazines offer different examples of beauty. Television display more versions of beautiful too. Beautiful has many faces. You can visit a popular high-end clothing store and see the various mannequins dressed with perfection in the finest and most expensive clothes, however is that beautifully dressed mannequin alive inside? Are some of us humans alive inside?

What good does it do any person to look beautiful on the outside and feel nothing about themselves on the inside. What a tragedy it is to look good and have the mannequin syndrome inside. A mannequin mindset with a model outfit. A mannequin mindset with a platinum necklace on. A mannequin mindset with the sweetest perfume on. A mannequin mindset with a beautiful body. What would all the exterior frills and thrills on the outside, amount to if we have nothing on the inside? Shouldn't we be the first ones to believe the very best about our own selves? Yes. What a loss to the greatness of our existence if we don't even see ourselves as a valuable worthy individual. A mannequin doesn't know whether or not it's beautiful. A mannequin ends up being exploited and used by whomever needs it. If a person does not value themselves or think that they are beautiful or worthy, then they are somewhat like a mannequin. Ready to be used and exploited with nothing on the inside of them to stop others from using them. Part of being used by others is now used as a tool of approval for the person who don't value themselves. This is a heartbreaking reality for many people.

How we see ourselves can be upgraded by many routes. One of the biggest ways to see yourself as valuable and beautiful is to agree with how God sees you. Just agree with him. God knows the number of hairs on each person's head. Can you imagine how long it would take you to try to count the strands of hair on your head? This same God made you special and beautiful. God was pleased with how tall or short you are. God was happy about the size of your head and God approved of the way you walk. The list goes on and on about what God likes about you. So why not agree with how he sees the beautiful valuable person he created? Just agree with him. You are not a mannequin. You are a beautiful valuable person who deserves the best. Each day you get up and out of bed, agree with how God sees you. Stop by the mirror and thank God for the beautiful valuable You!

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