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Monday, September 21, 2015

New Day

It takes 24 hours to continually roll by, in order to bring us to what is known as a "new day". And without fail, a new morning arrives. The sun rises and birds chirp somewhere. Faint sounds of other noises from insects remind us that we share this world with other living creatures. The wind blows and sometimes it rains. Every time we get up and out of bed, we have another opportunity with each new opportunity to get closer. Closer to what gives your life meaning. Closer to your heart's dreams. Closer to your goals. Closer to the finish line of one of your journeys. Closer to Love. Closer to peace. Closer to healing. Closer to that item that you have been saving for. Closer! All of this closeness and opportunity, simply with a new day?

When a person goes for a walk, at some point they will need to stop and rest. You just can't walk and walk and never rest up. Resting is important so that you can refresh and be able to carry on walking to your destination. When a new day arrives, it's like you just finished resting after a long walk. Now you can start back moving forward towards your dreams and goals. A new day allows you to start or keep going or finish. So what will you do with the opportunity of the new day? What will you not do?

Complaining, doubting, stressing, attacking yourself, thinking negative and DOING NOTHING; will not help you achieve anything. When has the art of complaining ever paid the bills? When has thinking negative brought prosperity? Or when has doing absolutely nothing, helped further your career or brought passion to a flavorless relationship? Since you are graced with a new day of opportunity, why be the force that hinders your own self? Can't someone else do that job? Is it really necessary for you to kill your own dreams or even allow another person to have the final power to discourage you? What am I saying? Don't help to throw away your opportunities with a mindset that hurts you and hurts your forward progress. Definitely, don't do that.

So first and foremost, take charge of your own mental tower. Your internal command center, which is housed in your brain. Set your brain, your command center, on 'manual mode'. You must manually program your mind to think in such a way that promotes your progress and propels you towards your dreams and goals in life. Don't allow your command center to operate on 'auto mode'. Since you didn't program 'auto mode', how do your know what to expect by functioning in 'auto mode'? Allowing your brain, your command center to function only in 'auto mode' could produce the kind of thinking that hinders you. Anything could take place inside of your head. Get in manual mode. You need to be in control of what your brain, your command center is thinking about so that your behavior falls in line with your thoughts and your dreams will not become strained in trying to unfold. Having that mindset in a healthy and prosperous mode, with each new day, you can seize the opportunity to start, keep going or finish one of those tasks that are the building blocks of your heart's dreams and desires.  ~Leen

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