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Sunday, September 27, 2015

What's for Dinner?

Customarily, we go to school or work and take care of our many tasks for the day. When we get home at the end of a long day, dinner is one of those welcomed moments to unwind and refresh. We can sit at the table with our family or friends and talk; and our bodies can receive some nourishment. Dinner is usually the biggest meal and it should definitely be good. When I was a child coming home from school, I wanted to know what was for dinner. I'd come in the door trying to smell what was for dinner. Once I became the one to cook the dinner for my own family, I still found myself asking the question, what's for dinner? I was asking myself this question because it helped me to figure out what to cook. I wanted to cook a delicious meal that would put you to sleep afterwards; and I definitely had to have something sweet to go along with the meal. A meat, a starch and a vegetable. That was a complete collaboration of foods to give the body the fuel it needed. Having a slice of pie afterwards simply sealed the deal on a 2 hour nap.

I discovered that it is equally important for our minds to receive nourishment. While the health of our minds should always be in a great place, there are times when we simply need to refresh our mindset, pour into ourselves a hearty dinner for our minds. Feed our brains. Give our minds a complete mental meal. So lets ask the question, what's for dinner? Okay! On the menu is Patience, with a side of Gratitude and Wisdom. For desert, lets have a slice of Faith. We can add a glass of wine with all of that and we're good to go!

What are you feeding your mind? Join me for a mental meal. Patience is our steak. Gratitude is the mash potatoes and Wisdom is our spinach. Faith is our peach cobbler. Patience is the main part of the meal because it takes so much patience to wait on God and to wait on life to play out. Every aspect of living requires patience. If you go to college, plan a wedding, save for a vacation, sit in traffic, and even take medication, it takes patience. Waiting on a family member to get their life together and even trying to lose weight all requires patience. Without patience, we would be grumpy and we'd place unreasonable expectations on others to give us this and that. Patience is critical in waiting on God to move within your lives. God's timing is not our timing so it takes patience.  Then there's gratitude. Gratitude for what we already have. How can you appreciate the more, if you don't appreciate what you do have. Acknowledging your current blessings. Saying "thank you" never hurts anybody and giving thanks to God for what he is doing of which we can see and those behind-the-scenes moves. It all  involves having a heart of gratitude. What about Wisdom? Wise men have built cities without ever setting foot in a classroom. Wisdom! Knowing when to be quiet. Dealing with foolish people without compromising your character. Understanding how to live as God directs. It takes wisdom.

Having patience, gratitude and wisdom are great qualities, but don't forget faith. Faith is such a sweet quality to have. God only requires a small amount of true faith. No one has to put a large down payment of faith. You can get started with a dab. To have faith makes life sweet. Who wouldn't want to not worry but trust God instead? Who wouldn't wanna believe God's promises for their life verses believing something bad. It takes faith. How can your dreams come true without any faith. Why pray if you have no faith? Faith feels better than fear. Faith feels better than doubt. We need faith.

So what's for dinner? Patience, Gratitude, Wisdom and some Faith. And don't forget the wine!

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