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Saturday, October 17, 2015

All I Do Is Win - Part 1

All I Do Is Win”, this is the title and lyrical hook to a hit rap song by DJ Khaled. The overall lyrics to this rap song may be rough and far fetch for us ordinary everyday folks, however, the message is duly noted that an individual must think positive and highly of themselves and their ability to win and succeed, in order to open the door to becoming a winner. It doesn’t matter what a person is trying to win in or succeed at; it takes a positive, uplifted mindset to further them along.

Success holds a different definition for a lot of people but we all want to achieve some form of success in order to feel as though we are winners.  Much of what Psychologists, Ministers and Success Coaches offer, as a start on the road of success and blessings and peace and prosperity, is to possess a winner’s mindset. Psychologists seek to understand what our definition of ourselves is, which tends to explain how a person behaves and what a person will allow to take place in their lives. The Psychologist wants to help their subject to have a healthy definition of themselves in order to
reinforce positive thinking and produce positive behavior. The Minister wants to align his subject’s views of themselves with the views of how God sees them. God’s view of us is on a very positive and loving level. One key scripture that the bible warns us about is that our thinking alters who we are. (Proverbs 23:7)  The Minister knows that if a person can see themselves as God sees them, then that person is bound for success and blessings.  The Success Coach also wants to evaluate the state of a person’s mind in order to see what thought processes are hindering a person’s journey to success. The Success Coach will ultimately provide practical advice for overcoming obstacles; however, it takes a mindset that embraces the notion that a person CAN win. The Success Coach wants to push the idea that, not only can that person win, but they can obtain a healthy mindset about how they see themselves, which subsequently reinforces more success.

What does this all boil down to? In order to win, you must see yourself as a winner….FIRST. Get your mindset in a winning mode. How? Check this out….You and your life represents a team. You’re a winning team. Winning teams must loose in order to be successful. In your case, loose what? Loose the negative mindsets that keep you from winning. Loose incorrect definitions of yourself that hinder your success. Loose defeative attitudes that say you can’t do it or you can’t get ahead. Loose speaking against yourself and your pending success. Loose accepting fear. Loose the doubt. Loose the self-sabotaging habits. Loose the fight against change. Loose the comfort zone. Loose procrastination. Loose the bad friends that don’t want to go anywhere in their life and don’t want you to succeed either. Loose the poor planning. Loose trying to take a shortcut. Don’t speak anti-success words or statements against YOU. Don’t compare yourself to others. Stay productive, stay positive. Speak life! You are a winning team! There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with a winning team that loses, in order to win.  ~ Leen.

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