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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Where Are You Headed?

Cruise Sunset

Cruise ships sail out of various ports almost everyday in the United States. Most of the destinations are to beautiful islands such as the Caymen Islands, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and other exotic beaches. Some of these getaways are sought after by families, couples, newlyweds, businesses and retirees. While it's exciting to sail on a cruise and to go onto the beautiful beaches, shop and enjoy the culture of that island; what about those cruise ships that have no destination? The ships that sail to nowhere? Some ships are purposely set to sail to no particular destination except to just go out into the water, make a circle and come back to dry land. That's it! Headed nowhere!

Where are you headed? I'm sure you may have already heard someone say that your life has purpose; but where are you going in life? You're not just here to take up space. What you believe about yourself and your life will greatly affect your journey and the direction you go into. For example: Consider a struggling mother with kids who may believe that going to school is not an option for her anymore. With that kind of thinking, how will she go forth in obtaining a college degree? The way she looks at her life affects her journey and the direction she could go in.  Let's consider a talented young male singer who is caught up living the 'street life'. If he feels that being a singer could never happened to him, then he may not even try to use his singing talent to see where it would lead him. This kind of thinking about himself affects his journey and the direction he could go in. What you believe about yourself and your life affects your journey and the direction you could go into.

Oftentimes, a plan makes all the difference in whether we sail to a particular destination or just sail. Having no plans is like sailing without a destination. Before we can make a plan, we need to adjust how we see ourselves and how we see our lives. If I can believe that I am capable of achieving great success in whatever I choose to work towards, then I'll be open to plan a path that leads to my intended destination. Why? Because my thoughts are aligned with the belief that I can succeed.  If I can believe the best about myself and my ability to succeed, then I will want to go on a journey that is targeted to a destination. I'm open to try the journey that others have used to get to a successful place. If I can look beyond my current position in life and see the good to come; If I can envision myself doing what I dream of, then I'm conditioning myself to sail to a destination that leads to my success. How I think about myself affects my behavior to a point of choosing either to sail to an intended destination in life or to just sail to nowhere in life. Where are you headed?

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